Talent Aggregator

Our Talent Aggregator services begin and end with the right talent. Talent recruitment, management and retention (Talent RMR) are the building blocks of our solutions. We have created a unique VCulture process for prioritizing people as a true competitive advantage. We set the new standard for experienced, engaged and enduring team members.

Sales/Marketing Agency

Our Sales/Marketing Agency core solutions focus on the following:

  • GTM Strategy
  • Demand Creation
  • Inside Sales/Operations
  • Community/Peer Groups
  • VAR/Channel Development

Spiritus Solutions' innovation is founded upon our customer acquisition and retention experience. However, consultation without replicable execution is meaningless. We help clients execute a personalized and holistic solution from our proprietary
5 Circles of Excellence:

Community/Channel Architect

Our Community/Channel Architect services provide a rare opportunity for our clients to add value to their customers. Spiritus Solutions is innovating 1:1 personalization to the commoditized world of selling. We revolutionized the distribution industry via customer membership communities. Our partner ecosystems are founded upon our unique approach to building retro-innovative, high performance channels.

As a boutique innovator, Spiritus Solutions' war room is creating prototype testing for: salesforce humanization, buyer-as-a-person, sales cost load balancing, pipeline multiple engineering, precision quota guidance, marketing/sales synchronization and ecosystem community foundations.

Overall, Spiritus Solutions' success stories include: scaling a virtualization start-up to ~ $15.5M in 3 years, helping an innovative storage company grow ~ 3X in 1.5 years as well as growing a Fortune 50 SMB Community ~ 27X in 3 years. We thrive on great projects such as: empowering thousands of entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and equipping millions of K12 children with access to information. The ultimate success story is that our business is 100% word-of-mouth/referral-based and demand exceeds supply for services.